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Strip Curtains

Kitchens are warm and usually humid spaces.  Grills, combi-ovens and ware washers produce copious volumes of high-temperature, water saturated air.  Heat moves towards cold (2nd law of thermodynamics), so every time you open your walk-ins that air is drawn to the cooler space.  Infiltrating heat has to be removed by your cooling equipment.  The more heat you have to remove, the more electricity the cooling equipment uses.  That's why strip curtains are the best bang for the buck to keep your coolers at temp and your power bills from overheating.  Properly sized curtains:

  • cover the entire opening, extending at least 3 inches past each side

  • have strips that overlap each other by at least 25%

  • hang straight so you can pass through them easily

  • are clear enough that people don't collide entering and exiting 

Freezers use slightly softer material so the strips remain pliable at lower temperatures.   

Curtains under normal use conditions and hung at the proper height and correct hardware should last several years.  If your facility uses pallet jacks and/or forklifts, it will probably be more like a year or two. 


If your curtains are damaged, missing strips or you have gaps at the bottom, give us a call.

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