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Cold and Hot Side Gaskets

Bay Area Gasket Guy replaces gaskets on all makes and models of coolers, freezers, ovens, proofers and warmers.  There is an incredible variety of gasket shapes, materials and mounting styles and after installing over 100,000 gaskets we have seen and worked on just about all of them.  Your replacement gaskets are high quality, US made products that meet or exceed every manufacturer and regulatory specification.  

Here's what you can expect from us:

Free Quote

We will inventory your equipment and keep all specifications on file.  Each unit will be uniquely labeled so that we can keep track of repairs and quickly and remotely identify future needs.  You will get an exact quote for the  work you want done now.

Expert Install

In about a week to ten days, we will return to install your order.  If you just want us to deliver the gaskets so you can install yourself, that's great too.  And if you're in a hurry, let us  know.  We can usually expedite things when time is tight.

Future Maintenance

Next time you see a gasket that needs replacing, call, email or text us the door tag number and it is as good as fixed.  Want us to come back out and check things  out for you?  Sign up for a free preventative maintenance plan and we will stop by on your schedule.

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