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Getting the right gasket on a unit is just part of the equation.  Sometimes a gasket is fine but worn out hardware prevents a door from moving or closing properly.  Drawer bearings get rusty and don't roll well and door closers lose tension.  Issues like these slow down your staff and accelerate overall wear and tear on your equipment.  Here are some of the many issues we can address:



Smoothly operating hinges allow a walk-in door to close completely with little effort.  A good rule of thumb is to never open your cooler door for more than 5 seconds!



Drawer wheels  operate in a tough environment.  Moisture promotes rust and food particles become lodged in the axels gumming up the action on heavy loads that are accessed a couple hundred times every day.  When wheels stop rolling the effort to open and close a drawer is multiplied many times and the tracks become damaged. 

Door Closers


Walk-in door closers and snuggers maintain a tight seal that keeps your units at temp.  It is understandable in a busy kitchen that staff don't have time to sit and watch a door close, but an open walk-in cooler door adds several dollars/day to its cost to run, or easily $1,000 over a year.

Small Parts


A lot of times we don't need to replace the whole part.  Spring cartridges can be replaced without changing the entire hinge.  Nylon cam bushings are another example of how we can keep your equipment peak performing for less money.



Ever see a clothes hanger in place of a proper door handle.  We have.  Broken equipment slows down service and risks injuries.  Keep your team working at their best with properly maintained gear.

Try us...


What problems would  you like fixed?  We have fabricated custom parts and brought back obsolete equipment from the brink of the landfill.  Let us know where you have a problem and we can see what can be done.  

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