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Frequently Asked Questions

Are  you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed refrigeration contractor in the state of California.  We hold C38 license 1021813 and maintain required bonding and insurance to protect you and our techs.

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Are your gaskets as good as the manufacturers OEM gasket that cost significantly more?

Yes. What most people don't realize is that most gasket material comes from the same places. So you are effectively getting the same exact material. We also use the same welding machines and processes as the manufacturer. The biggest differentiator however is in our packaging of the gaskets. We take extreme care in packaging your gaskets strapped down flat in a flat box so that the gaskets can't move around or get damaged in transit. Most of the OEM's are thrown in a bag loosely where they are twisted and bent.

What is your warranty?

The official version is we warranty our parts and service for 90 days.  The practical version is you should be happy with the products and  work we provide.  If you are not, call us and let us know what's wrong.  We have been in business nearly 20 years and have not lasted this long by avoiding problems when they come up.  We will always take all practical action, and sometimes impractical, to make sure you are satisfied.  The complete details of our limited warranty are covered here

What are your payment terms?

Account customers will receive an invoice after a work order is 100% complete that is due 30 days after the work is done. For non-account customers payment is due at the time of service. Parts-only orders are due at the time the order is placed. We accept check, Visa, Mastercard and ACH payments.

How should I clean my gaskets?

Gentle pressure with mild soap and warm water is the only way to clean them. DO NOT use detergents or bleach. This dries out the material and causes premature cracking. Also, do not use anything hard, like a butterknife wrapped in a towel, to clean the crevices. Don't forget to clean the the bottom side. That's where spilled liquids collect and become sticky (especially sugary juices and alcohols). That causes the gasket to become "glued" to the frame so it rips when the door is opened.

Are you registered with 3rd party service management platforms?

Yes, you can find us on Ecotrak and Service Channel platforms, as well as others.  

Can you work on the glass doors in my supermarket/convenience store?

Yes, we are very familiar with Anthony, Zero-zone, Hussmann and other glass display door manufacturers.  In addition to gaskets we can help with hardware and other repairs.

My unit isn't getting cold, can you come service it?

While we are a licensed refrigeration contractor and are familiar with many of the issues that can cause your units to malfunction, we are focused on gaskets and hardware.  We do not perform repairs to compressors, condensers or evaporators.  We will gladly refer you to someone who can help.

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